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Hongji Printing Equipment Co,ltd was established in 1990, which is sited in China printing city- Long Gang WenZhou. We specilize in importing, selling second-hand printing and packing equipment, mending and being agent of wellknown brand printing and packing equipments, and wholesaling spare parts and accessories of offset machines. It is a big trade center of second-hand printing equipments.


The hardware of HongJi Co,ltd is complete.capacity of Hongji is strong.and service network of Hongji is all over the country.

At the beginning of 2006, HongJi established another office in HONG KONG—HongJi Printing Equipment (HK)Limited,which geatly vails business with oversea suppliers. HongJi has founded great mending factory and sale & service company for a whole set of printing and packing equipment in Long Gang,Hangzhou and Shanghai. 113 senior technicians including retirees and young across the country. they are experted in repairing domestic machines(like machines made by Beiren,Guanghua,Jingdezhen,Rugao, hunan machine factory) and imports (like brand Roland, Heidelberg, Komori, Mitsubishi, Akiyama, Hamada, Liang Ming ect). It establishs a chain of after-sales service network with printing equipment supplies from 26 province. it is agent of machine accessories and spare parts in domestic. It is also the maintenance department after sale (like China-German Joint veture ZhenJiangli Qile pump, Shanghai Shengweida ect). Hong Ji is one of the biggest printing machine equiment trade companies in infrastructure, technical resources, quality service, etc.


HongJi shows more then 100 sets of used well-known brand offset machines on our website. The models are different, including open all that off, the four open, Octavo, monochrome, from one colour to six colours even eight colours. Main products we sell to printers of China market are imported from Europe or Japan. Meanwhile,we supply some homemade used offset presses, which are to be renovated before sale. We can offer good machine with good price and professional installation & test plus good after-sale service for customers. It is good for big, middle size and small printing factory. Until now, Hongji has mended and renovated more than 1300 sets of domestic machines ( Like J2108、J2205、PZ4880、J4103、J4104ect), and 370 sets of imported machines (like HD102、CD102、SOR、SM、R800、RZK、RVK、RFOB、L440、L26、β52). Our customers are all over the country. Our constant principle is:To be a honest man and businessman, keeping good faith.and customer’s satisfactation is our practical pursuit. We are willing to work together with each printing factory for good used offset machines and service.


Welcome your visit and negotiation! Looking forward to hearing from you and your advices!


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